Kimberly Rosales explains the role decentralized finance is taking to alter the financial space

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The technological environment is transforming the financial world. According to the Financial Inclusion of the Central Bank of Argentina, (BCRA), more than 85,000 transactions per adult using electronic payment methods, such as digital transfers and debit cards, were made in June 2021. The total transactions increased by 40% compared to the same period in 2020. [...]

Kimberly Rosales explains how to be an effective influence as a business leader

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Leadership is undoubtedly one of the most important qualities in any organization. Leaders are highly valued in their companies because they drive and generate added value. In addition, they are in charge of the interaction process between the people who make up the company; they lead their energies, their capabilities and the group's activities with [...]

Kimberly Rosales highlights the importance of Fundamental Analysis in the cryptocurrency market

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Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies is not a matter of chance, prophecy, or fanaticism. As with any financial operation, it is necessary for those who participate in the crypto assets market to have the necessary tools to determine which is the best investment opportunity. Kimberly Rosales, an expert in the world of cryptocurrencies, [...]

Kimberly Rosales discusses how to market to millennials

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Millennials are considered the tech generation and creating marketing strategies that capture their attention is a challenge for marketers. If your target market is among this demographic, it pays to focus on digital marketing tactics that help your brand engage these buyers. Kimberly Rosales, an entrepreneur with years of experience, provides some tips on how [...]

Kimberly Rosales explains how to manage marketing metrics to improve a business

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It is clear that metrics in digital marketing are a very complete system to understand the current situation of a company. Knowing what is happening in the present is very difficult if you do not have data that summarize the events of SMEs. That is why metrics are so important. Kimberly Rosales, an expert in [...]

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