Women are a fundamental part of the economic development of countries, thus, in the generation of wealth and contribution to the GDP of the geography. Equity boosts countries’ productivity, innovation, and competitiveness, increase economic diversification and income equality, among other positive results. Kimberly Rosales, a skilled entrepreneur, explains what it takes today for a woman to become a successful businesswoman.

As time goes by, there are more business leaders who succeed, more entrepreneurs who dare, more administrators who run large companies, and you, without a doubt, can be one of them. “The best way to achieve this is to have all the necessary knowledge about business because the idea is that you can say without a doubt: my business is prosperous and is generating profits, for which it is essential to have basic knowledge about accounting and approach an accounting firm to help us meet our economic and financial objectives,” says Rosales.

An entrepreneurial woman dreams of being a successful businesswoman to feel that all the effort she has put into building her business has been worthwhile. And although it is not an easy path, it is not impossible either. You just need to be willing and eager to learn from those who know about the subject.

“You must understand that every minute of your day is worth gold,” Rosales asserts. “Take into account that when you are in the process of starting a business, you must plan absolutely everything and take care of every last detail so that everything goes according to your plans, which must be realistic so you don’t fall into disappointments.”

Discipline and organization must be your best friends. There are women who are organized and disciplined since childhood, but this is not the case for everyone. And if you find it a little difficult to focus and keep everything in order, it is important that you start working on it because it is part of what you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

“If you need help or support from someone, don’t hesitate to ask for it,” suggests Rosales. “While as women we are capable of doing everything, we consider ourselves self-sufficient, we are multitaskers and can do many things at the same time.

The idea is not to overload yourself with work to the point that you run the risk of making mistakes that you could avoid, since asking for help when it is needed is not a sign of weakness, but rather of wisdom. In addition, smart decisions also come from understanding the importance of delegating when it is needed and when you have to solve a lot in a short time.

Always surround yourself with positive, successful, and confident people. One of the keys to success is, without a doubt, to surround yourself with other successful women who have had positive experiences; make sure that your environment includes people who understand the importance of your own business and who have gone through similar situations from which you can draw.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear what other women and men have to say about finances, economics, business opportunities, business administration, or management. Attend conferences, lectures and talks about entrepreneurship.

Surely where you live there is a university, academy, or association that is responsible for organizing conferences or similar activities on topics that may interest you, as they are related to your business or entrepreneurship.

“Take your time to choose collaborators and employees,” indicates Rosales. “You can’t do it by yourself all the time, especially when the company starts to grow and demand more time, effort, and even more resources and money. But, when the time comes to choose the people who will accompany you in your project, you should not take it lightly, because it is essential to be sure that your collaborators and employees share your ideas, your values, your points of view and understand the work ethic from your standards.”

For all these reasons, it is essential that you do a good job. So, the best advice to succeed in business and to make the transition from entrepreneur to successful businesswoman is, without a doubt, to learn from prosperous experiences and to be able to absorb like a sponge all that information that will take you to the place you want to get to.